Kya hum subdomain me hindi blogging kar sakte hain 2021

What is Subdomain?

A lot of people, when they come new to blogging, they do not know what is Subdomain? Today I am going to tell you what is Subdomain? A subdomain is like your main domain is To be your Subdomain.

Friends, I have told you here what is Subdomain. A subdomain is that a word gets added in front of your main domain. That is what you call Subdomain. Many people think that they have to pay money too, but the Subdomain is absolutely free. You can create an unlimited Subdomain from one of your Main Domains, just once you have to buy the Main Domain. You can make any hundred and fifty subdomains from it, it is absolutely free. Many bloggers use it to rank their Micro niche site.

Benefits of Subdomain?

1. WWW is a subdomain but you can never use it on your site as a subdomain.
2. You do not have to pay for all domains
3. Can add up to 100 Subdomains inside a domain
4. A subdomain can be of multiple levels.
5. You can run multiple websites at the expense of a single domain

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