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Mini Bomb Ullu Web Serie Cast

Mini fibs a lot and lies to save herself from life’s little complications, one such lie ends up with her mother believing that she is a les*ian.

Confronted by her mother she agrees to the lie whereas she is in love with a guy. Not realizing this time her lie is going to turn her life upside down.

NAMEMini Bomb 2022 UlluActor, ActressApoorva Arora (Mini)
Anshuman Malhotra (Vihaan)
Tanya sharma (Alisha)
Alka Kaushal (Koushalya)
Tushar Khair (Pandya)
Keyuri Shaha (Vedika)Genre18+, Drama

Charmsukh Maa Devrani Beti Jethani Web Serie Cast

Sarla and Raunak are madly in love. Their intimate connection gives them a joy they have never experienced before. Everything breaks down when the family comes to know about this, as Raunak is Jhanvi’s brother-in-law, who is Sarla’s daughter.

Now it is up to Jhanvi whether her mother remains her mother or she considers her as her sister-in-law.

NAMEMaa Devrani Beti Jethani 2022 UlluActor, ActressPriya Gamre (Sarla)
Mishti Basu (Janhvi)
Prithvi Zutshi (Sohan Ali)
Nishant Pandey (Rounak)
Bhanu Suryam Thakur (Deepak)Genre18+, Drama

Lahore Diaries Ullu Web Serie Cast

Naaz marries Aftab with the hope of a beautiful life. Her dreams got shattered when she got stuck in the lifestyle, daily chores of a middle-class housewife.

When his suppressed desires began to boil from within, there was despair. He decided to break the norms and follow his heart, will this decision bring him happiness, or destroy everything he has.

NAMELahore Diaries 2022 UlluActor, ActressRaja Sarfaraz (Aaftab)
Sonali Pandita (Naaz)
Ray Parihar (Noor)
Rani Bhan (Aaftab’s Bua)
Surinder Goel (Aaftab’s fufa)
Shammi Malhotra (Naaz’s Mother)
Farooq Ji (Naaz’s Father)
Vijay Malla (Judge)
Azmat Khwaja (Adv. Talib)
Mona Manhas (Adv. Zeba)Genre18+, Drama

Charmsukh Chawl House 2 Ullu Web Serie Cast

Rohit was immersed in the memories of the moments spent with Renu. He was waiting for the day when he would get a chance to be with her again, his wish was fulfilled when the queen of his dreams came to his village house.

Now the question is, will Rohit’s wish of getting Renu come true or will the strange imagination take an unexpected turn?

NAMECharmsukh Chawl House 2 2022 UlluActor, ActressSneha Paul (Renu)
Shabaaz Badi (Bhanu)
Nikhil Parmar (Rohit)
Meena Sharma (Bhanu’s Mother)
Ravi Parmar (Bhanu’s Father)
Prabhakar Prasad Mishra (Rohit’s Father)
Chaitali Jadhav (Rohit’s Mother)Genre18+, Drama

Navel Of Love Ullu Web Serie Cast

Debo, who suffers from the navel of women, gets married but does not even see the face of his wife Mouni.

Debo’s elder brother Ranjit suggested that he should attract Debo with his navel. But she falls in love with Ranjit. This accidental mistake changes everything and Mouni has a brutal end.

NAMENavel Of Love 2022 UlluActor, ActressRohini Chatterjee (Mouni)
Jeet Sundor (Debo)
Saikat Haldar (Ranjit)
Antara Banerjee (Anchal)Genre18+, Drama

Charmsukh Majboori Ullu Web Serie Cast

Sayama is a single mother of 19-year-old daughter Zara. Hoping for a new life and a bright future, Sayama marries a divorced rich man, Rahman.

But Rahman’s eyes are fixed on his step-daughter Zara. He tries to impress her with expensive gifts. But Zara is not as innocent as she seems.

NAMECharmsukh Majboori 2022 UlluActor, ActressPriya Gamre (Sayama)
Manish Mishra (Rehman)
Sangeeta Balachandra (Grand Maa)
Ajay Patel(Maksood Chacha)
Bhanu Suryam Thakur (Ashar)
Neha Gupta (Zara)
Roshni Ahuja (Zarina)Genre18+, Drama

Charmsukh Impotent Ullu Web Serie Cast

Story: Ajay is an impotent, and in order to save his public image, he comes up with a master plan. He marries a blind girl, Rashmi.

Ajay plans to take advantage of her blindness and sends someone else to Rashmi in his place on the first night of their marriage. But, is Ajay actually the master planner.

NAMECharmsukh Impotent 2022 UlluActor, ActressGitashree Shil (Rashmi)
Nitin Kumar Ludhawani (Ajay)
Allauddin Nabi Shaikh (Saharsh)
Rohit R. Pardeshi (Kartik)Genre18+, Drama

Ferrous Ullu Web Serie Cast

Story: N/A

NAMEFerrous 2022 UlluActor, ActressVijay Raaz (The Cleaner)
Zakir Hussain (Minister Madhyadheesh)
Late Bikramjeet Kanwarpal (Inspector Jagdish Sinchwal)
Pankaj Jha (Matin Khan)
Gopal K Singh (Madan)
Myra Singh (Sana)Genre18+, Drama

Palang Tod Damaad Ji Web Serie Cast

Story: Mohan had to sit at home for a few days due to an injury caused by a minor accident. Since his wife Kumud also works, she invites her mother Ranjana to take care of Mohan.

but while doing so, Ranjana gets close to Mohan, and her craving for him leads them to the path of distracting the meaning of relationships.

NAMEPalang Tod Damaad Ji 2022 UlluActor, ActressRajsi Verma (Ranjana)
Aayushi Jaiswal (Kumud)
Sebashish Nayak (Mohan)Genre18+, Drama

Jaghanya Upaay Web Serie Cast

Story: N/A

NAMEJaghanya Upaay 2022 UlluActor, ActressEshika Dey (Kanika)
Jatin Bhatia (Abhishek)
Pallavi Debnath (Rangita)
Ajit Jha (Soham)
Malabika Das (Tina)Genre18+, Drama

Hotspot Mail Trail Web Serie Cast

Shruti gets an email from a foreign news channel; confirming her appointment. Excited about the opportunity, Shruti pays off a huge amount of money as a processing fee.

And for arranging the same, she even sleeps with her editor. But will this passion to fulfill dreams bring happiness to her life, or ruin it?

NAMEHotspot Mail Trail 2022 UlluActor, ActressWaqar Shaikh (Bhavesh)
Arshi Khan (Shruti)
Amit Dolawat (Jatin)
Amika Shail (Aleesha)Genre18+, Drama

Gaachi Ullu Web Serie Cast

Shalini gets married and comes to a village where women are victims of male chauvinism and marital abuse. Here she meets Divya, Ratna and Maya.

Together they decide to fight for their rights and dignity against the social norms and injustice in a place where the men would give them death rather than respect.

NAMEGaachi (2022)Actor, ActressVeeir Chaudary (Vikram)
Prajakta Dusane (Shalini)
Lokesh Tilak (Virender)
Garima Jain (Divya)
Ankita Dave (Ratna)
Priya Gamre (Maya)Genre18+, Drama

Exit Ullu Web Serie Cast

Greed takes over and becomes the driving force as everyone including Ravi and Shailey try to get their hands over the insurance scam money,

so much that their life becomes just a game in which each and every player wants to win by cheating the other.

NAMEExit (2022)Actor, ActressRajniesh Duggall (Ravi)
Vindhya Tiwari (Shailey)
Manish Goplani (Pintu)
Ashwarya Raj Bhakuni (Janu)
Aparna Dixit (Jenny)
Shivoy Katyal (Arjun)Genre18+, Drama

Palang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2 Web Serie Cast

Maami was troubled by the cold relationship with her husband. Her life was filled with new colors with the arrival of Mansi and Madan.

She hoped that this would wake up some desires in Mama’s heart, but this curiosity of trying something new brought such a twist in her life that she had never imagined.

NAMEPalang Tod Gaon Ki Garmi 2Actor, ActressMahi Kaur (Mami)
Shabaaz Abdullah Badi (Madan)
Anupam (Mama)
Ragi (Mansi)Genre18+, Drama

Games Of Karma Chhal Web Serie Cast

Chanchal found herself trapped in a strange loop, where she could not trust anyone.

She fights back and gives her best to defeat this demon of time. But when karma plays its game, even the strongest player collapses.

NAMEGames Of Karma ChhalActor, ActressHimani Sharma (Chanchal)
Paritosh Sand (Shree Pitaji)
Vishal Singh (Iqbal)
Kashif Khan (Govind)
Kiran Singh (Lajwanti)
Rahul Yadav (Sangeeta)
Ram (Sarita)
Priti Maurya (Pummy)Genre18+, Drama

Hotspot Matrimony Web Serie Cast

Worried about their daughter’s marriage, Ginni’s parents ask her to make a profile on a matrimony site, where she meets Prabhat.

At first, Prabhat seems to be a nice guy and gradually Ginni falls for him, but with time he reveals his true colors by blackmailing her for money.

NAMEHotspot MatrimonyActor, ActressJaya Pandey (Ginni)
Gultesham Khan (Prabhat)
Ajay Patel (Gini’s Father)
Meenu Sharma (Ginni’s Mother)Genre18+, Drama

Robot Ullu Web Serie Cast

Mr. Chadda, the cunning head of customs, confiscates a Robot imported from Bangkok and hides it at his junior Anand’s home.

Anxious and inquisitive Anand opens the box and finds the robot “Rosy” and his life takes an unexpected turn.

NAMERobot UlluActor, ActressVijay Patkar (Dhurandar Gotephode),
Naveen Bawa (B C Chadda)
Worship Khanna (Anand Kumar)
Rachel Rodrigues (Rosy Robot)
Puja Mukherji (Shweta)Genre18+, Drama

Train (Charmsukh) Web Serie Cast

Juhi was on a train journey with her mother when she met Nilesh, a stranger, who ignited an unknown, desperate desire in her.

Nilesh feels the same and decides to move out, but fails to do so leaving his wishes unfulfilled.

Looking for another chance with Nilesh, Juhi returns to her seat at night, where a dangerous turn awaits her.

NAMETrain (Charmsukh)Actor, ActressRaj Dutta (Atul)
Farmaan Haider (Nilesh)
Imran Sujail Khan (TT)
Zeliya Christopher (Juhi)
Pooja Ashok Kumar Devaliya (Mother)
Prashant Pundir (40 Year’s Man)Genre18+, Drama

Kaneez Ullu Web Serie Cast

Happy in her newly married life, Shazia learns that she is pregnant. Sana is sent to her to help her with household chores.

Loyal to her masters, Sana sacrifices everything here too, in return, she only gets humiliation. But when in greed of an heir Salim tries to take her child away, Sana decides to teach them a lesson.

NAMEKaneezActor, ActressSudha Chandran (Rukhsar)
Hemant Choudhary (Mirza)
Maleeka R Ghai (Batulan)
Lakshya Handa (Salim)
Anushka Srivastava (Sana)
Aasma Sayed (Sazia)Genre18+, Drama

Relationship Counsellor Ullu Web Serie Cast

CastTired of Kartik’s daily desires, Sejal leaves the house and goes to live with her friend Megha and her husband Rajiv. Who decides to council them to help resolve their differences.

But little did they, know that this decision of becoming “Relationship Counsellor” for friends would make them cross their own limits and their own relationship will be at stake.

NAMERelationship CounsellorActor, ActressJiten Bisht ( Kartik )
Sharad Ghore ( Rajeev )
Sharanya Jit Kaur ( Sejal )
Priya Gamre ( Meghna )Genre18+, Drama



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